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The BATTERY 2030+ initiative is coordinated by the CSA project BATTERY 2030PLUS.

The BATTERY 2030+ initiative also includes a collaboration board made up of the coordinators of the six BATTERY 2030+ research projects. In addition, BATTERY 2030+ has strong links to other European battery initiatives such as the European Technology Innovation Platform (ETIP) Batteries Europe, and ongoing dialogue with national stakeholders across Europe. 


The ultimate decision-making body coordinating the BATTERY 2030PLUS consortium is its General Assembly, composed of the Project Coordinator, the Deputy Project Coordinator, and representatives of each partner in the BATTERY 2030PLUS consortium.

The Executive Board is the supervisory body responsible for the proper execution and implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly and for monitoring the effective and efficient implementation of the project. The Executive Board is composed of the Project Coordinator (Chair of the Executive Board), Deputy Coordinator, Project Manager, and thematic leaders of the BATTERY 2030PLUS CSA project as well as thematic leaders for the three research themes described in the BATTERY 2030+ roadmap.


The Collaboration Board is composed of the coordinators of the BATTERY 2030+ projects  and is chaired by Kristina Edström, coordinator of the BATTERY 2030PLUS CSA project. The Collaboration Board will ensure efficient coordination of action implementation and progress monitoring. The Collaboration Board will make decision about common publications and activities. The collaboration is regulated by a collaboration agreement between all projects constituting the BATTERY 2030+ initiative.


The reference groups constitute a battery ecosystem providing inputs for the initiative. In essence, the reference groups provide feedback in order to help align the BATTERY 2030+ initiative results with the expectations of the different involved communities (i.e., the research community, industry, Member State, and the public). Additionally, the reference groups help increase the visibility of the initiative results at the European level.

There are three main reference groups:

  1. supporting organisations
  2. the International Scientific Advisory Board, and
  3. individuals who have endorsed the initiative.

Supporting organisations, have actively given their support to the vision, aims and goals of the BATTERY 2030+ inititative and roadmap. These organisations give input to the activities in the initiative and are part of the European battery ecosystem that can ensure the uptake of new knowledge and technologies.

The International Reference Group, which is under formation will be able to give valuable scientific input on the research directions and goals of the BATTERY 2030+ roadmap as well as contribute to its evolution.

The individuals who have endorsed the initiative have been consulted in the process of formulating the current version of the BATTERY 2030+ roadmap and are an important group representing a wide range of battery stakeholders across Europe.